FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

You have questions, and we have answers. Take a look at the questions below, and if you have any more just let us know.

Is there a fee for missing a driving lesson?

A No-Show Fees of $50.00 is applied to your account if one of the following criteria is met: 1. If you fail to show up for a scheduled drive 2. If you fail to give a 24 hour notice of cancellation 3. If you are more than 10 minutes late for a scheduled drive 4. If you show up for a scheduled drive without your permit 5. If you show up for a scheduled drive wearing inappropriate footwear (i.e. flip flops or sandals). 6. You show up to a driving lesson without your required “corrective lenses” as stated on your permit. In order to waive the $50.00 No-Show fee, you must give at least 24 hour notice, through your account or by email to the office, to reschedule or cancel any drive

What happens if I did not bring my completion permit paperwork to my drive test?

We can reprint and replace it for you for $5. It may not be ready for a couple business days if the office is closed or we need to obtain different instructor signatures

I have lost my completion permit paperwork from the last driving lesson. What can I do?

We can have that reprinted for $5 and available for pickup upon completion

When can I schedule my drives?

Once a student has their permit they may begin scheduling drives. (To schedule drives you need to have your balance paid in full, and your individual school may apply other prerequisites as well.)

Do your instructors have to complete background checks?

In order to be licensed in Indiana all instructors must have completed at least 60 college credit hours, complete a 9 college credit hour course, and every two years pass both a physical and a fingerprint based background check.

What car is used to complete the drives?

All drives will be completed using our vehicles. Our vehicles are fully insured and have a dual control brake system.

Can I do more than one drive in a day?

BMV regulations only allow students to complete one drive in a calendar day.

Can I schedule my drives online?

Yes, our students are able to register, pay, and schedule drives online. If you are taking the online course you will also access that through your online account.

When can I take the skills drive test?

Students are eligible to take the Skills Drive Test when they have completed the full driving course.

Do you offer the Skills Drive Test?

Any student who completes a full driver education course and completed the driving portion is eligible to take the skills drive test with us for an additional fee.

How long do I have to complete the course?

We ask our students to complete the course in 180 days.

When can I start driving with my child?

You may begin driving with your child as soon as they have a permit.

How do I obtain a permit?

If getting a Driver Education Learner Permit, you must first be enrolled in the classroom and driving portion and paid for the course in full. Once enrolled you will need a Certificate of Driver Education Form (CDE Form).

When can my child get a license?

Any student who completes the FULL course may get their license at 16 and 90 days. However, they must have also held their permit for 180 days. Both requirements must be met to obtain a license.

Does my child have to take a test to get the permit?

Yes, all individuals wishing to obtain a permit must take a 50 questions multiple choice test. This test is NOT retaken when getting a license.

When can my child get a permit?

Individuals who are 15 years old may register for a BMV approved driver education course, 30 hours of in-class training, and 6 hours behind-the-wheel training. A student can get their permit after they have registered for the driver's education course and paid for the course in full. Traditional students receive their CDE on the first day of class, but additional criteria may apply to online students.

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