Fishers Road Star Driving School Services

We offer several different services. Take a look at the options below and see which work best for you.

OnlineCourse use your computer, phone or tablet to complete your classroom

Our online course and drives will allow students to complete their in-class portion of driver education from the convenience of their home. Students will still have to complete a full 30 hours of class and will only be allowed to complete 3 hours a day, but beyond that will be able to move at their own speed. After paying off your account in full you will be able to access your CDE Form from the site. Be sure to print the CDE Form before going to the BMV. Once the permit is obtained you may start scheduling your drives.

TraditionalCourse learn face-to-face with our professional instructors

The traditional course and drives consists of 30 hours of in-class training at one of our commercial locations or satellite offices. Classes will be held at scheduled times on location, but should you need to miss a class, this is not a problem. You may make that lesson up during a later session. You will get a CDE form on the first day of class and at that time go to the BMV to take the written test. Once the student has a permit they may begin scheduling drives at our locations and driving with parents.

Drives Only

This package is for those students who have already completed an online course and just need to complete their six drives. It’s also for adults who may simply be looking to take some lessons. We will need proof of your online class completion before we will be able to sign your “Completion of Driver Training School Course Permit” Form, but you may begin your drives before the online course is complete.

Drive Test Waiver

Any student who completes a full driving course and at a minimum does the 6 drives at one of our locations, qualifies to take the Drive Test Waiver at our location. This can be done as soon as the student completes the course, and there is an additional fee. Be sure to bring back your “Completion of Driver Training School Course Permit”, as we will need to sign and stamp that form again.

Individual Drives

We offer individual drives for those adults looking to take lessons. You may schedule as many drives as you like, but if you are looking to take six drives we recommend purchasing the six drive package. During these drives we can work on any skills the student requests, including parallel parking, interstate driving, and lane changes. Each drive will be approximately 50-55 minutes in length.

Fishers Road Star Branch Packages

Fishers Road Star Branch
7229 Fishers Landing Drive
Fishers, IN 46038

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Online Course


State Approved Online Course

6 Hours of Driving Instruction

30 hours of online class instruction (to be completed within 60 days) and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction

Traditional Course


State Approved In-Person Classroom

6 Hours of Driving Instruction

30 hours on traditional classroom instruction (at our Fishers office) and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training

There is one classroom available

Drives Only


Driving Instruction Only

6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction; specifically for those students who may have completed an online class elsewhere

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